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Dressmyphone introduces designer cases and covers for the most awaited budget phone Motorola Moto E3. This time, out Moto E3 covers are edge to edge designs instead of protective cases. Our customers said that they preferred the edge to edge designs and we listened. All Moto E3 covers are now matte finish with an edge to edge design. The matte finish retains colors longer and doesn't even scratch. Even better, you can wash them with your favorite detergent to get rid of all the dirt and stains that you pick up while regular use. After each wash, the Moto E3 cover will look as good as new. Dressmyphone Moto E3 cases are extremely slim but still provide ample protection for your phone. The cutouts are precise and the fit is perfect with the easy snap on design. We have customized each and every design to fit perfectly on the Moto E3. That means all designs on the Moto E3 covers look precise and well made. Check out all our different designs for the Moto E3 cases our choose from many filter on the left to find florals, colorful and many other theme based designs. Buy your cover for Moto E3 from Dressmyphone today.