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Dressmyphone introduces designer cases for the Apple iPhone 7. Once again, we have introduced cases and covers for the iPhone 7 even before the phone was officially available in India. For the iPhone 7, we have introduced a new kind of case with a logo cut-out that let's you show-off your iPhone to the world and make it even sexier with Dressmyphone cases. Of course all our designs have been customized to look good with the reduced area and all our designs for the iPhone 7 look stunning even with the logo cutout. As always, all Dressmyphone cases for the iPhone 7 have a thin profile but still provide adequate protection against your daily wear and tear. The fit is always precise with a snap-design which makes the case easy to put on and take out. Since the iPhone 7 has a bigger and stronger flash than its predecessor, the camera cut-out has been adjusted and made bigger so that pictures with a flash look great. Another thing we have changed with our cases is remove the banding on the buttons. Usually our cases for the iPhone have a thin band than ran at the volume at power buttons. But many users gave us feedback that it made the phone harder to take out. We listened and removed the banding and improved the design to be a snap-only design. So what are you waiting for, browse through our amazing quotes collection, floral collection or the weirdly beautiful, the watercolor collection and grab the best looking cases for the iPhone 7 today.