Best RedMi Note 3 Tips and Features That You Probably Missed

Best Xiaomi RedMi Note 3 Tips and Tricks

It has been a few weeks since Xiaomi launched its mid price ranged phone the Xiaomi RedMi Note 3.

The launch of the phone was much anticipated and met with much fanfare. Since Xiaomi sells it phones by flash sales, some lucky few were able to get their hands on the phone in the first few days while others were left hanging.

Obviously, Dressmyphone introduced the cases for the Xiaomi RedMi Note 3 first in India.

The RedMi Note 3 ships with MIUI 7 which is a layer on top of the Android 5.1.1 with additional features.

Since a lot of people have been using the RedMi Note 3, it was time give you guys some tips and tricks on the phone and the new MIUI.

Lets see what the top new things in the Xiaomi RedMi Note 3 are:

Choosing Font Size

If binge watching videos on your phone has given you weak eyes, then Xiaomi has come up with a solution.

Instead of opening your eyes wide open trying to read text on the screen, you can change it.

Instead of using a single font size, you can now switch between XS and XXL size.

A total of 6 font sizes are available.

To access this setting, head up to

Settings -> Text Size

RedMi NoteDisplay Size

and change the font to your liking.
RedMi Note Text Size

Child Mode

This is similar to the iOS feature Guided Access with a few changes.

Enabling the child mode in the Xiaomi MIUI will give you control over what apps can be run including the browser, games etc.

This is pretty useful when you are giving your phone to children for gaming and want to protect all your other apps (or your questionable browser history).

Enable this by going to Settings -> Child Mode

RedMi Note Child Mode


Customize Quick Toggles

I remember using my iPhone 4 and I had to go to the home screen, then settings then Wifi everytime I had to connect.

Thank god quick toggles changed that.

Every phone now offers quick toggles and Xiaomi is no exception.

In the MIUI you also have the option of customizing the order of the toggles that appear above your notifications. This is ultra useful.

To access this setting, head to:

Settings -> Notifications -> Toggle Positions

RedMi Note 3 Toggle Options

And then drag and drop the order of toggles that you want. Easy peasy.

RedMi Note 3 Toggle Options 2

One Handed Mode

Its funny to think of companies making huge phones and then making software to make it work like a smaller phone.

Samsung was one of the first companies to lauch the one handed mode followed by iPhone and now Xiaomi has also introduced a single hand mode.

To enable this, go to

Settings -> Additional Settings ->One Handed Mode

RedMi Note 3 One Handed Mode

You have the option to mimic 3 devices sizes. You can make your RedMi Note 3 work like a 4.5 inch, 4 inch or a 3.5 inch phone.

RedMi Note 3 One Handed Mode

Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Grouping of SMS Notifications

I don’t know about you, but I get bombarded multiple times a day abut the latest SMS plans. Since the last SMS I sent was 400 days ago, theses messages are pretty irrelevant to me.

Still I get fed up of notifications of these messages crowing up my screen.

Thankfully, Xiaomi has come up with a solution. Its a setting called Notifications group.

Enabling this setting will take all the SMS notifications and group it into just one notification. Pretty neat.

I the next MIUI update I hope to see a setting that lets me block all the NSFW service messages that I keep getting from my provider.

Anyways, to use this setting navigate to:

Settings -> System Apps -> Messaging

and enable the Notifications group setting.

RedMi Note SMS Grouping

RedMi Note SMS Grouping

RedMi Note SMS Grouping

Night Mode

Good news for all the bibliophiles out there. If you can’t put down your phone at night, you must have noticed that extended use of your phones has a effect on your sleep cycle.

Research has shown that the blue light component disturb the body by altering the melatonin production, therby disturbing your sleep.

To avoid this Xiaomi has introduced a night mode setting in their phones.

Enabling this setting will filter the blue light on your screen thus giving it a yellow tint.

You can also select which apps can use the night mode. This is good if you watch a lot of videos as well.

To access this, go to Settings -> Display ->Reading Mode

RedMi Note 3 Reading Mode 1



Controlling System Animations

I admit, this is the first thing I toggled with on my phone (HTC 820). I can’t stand it when the animations take forever.

By tinkering with the animation speed, my phone just feels faster.

Now you can change the animation speed on the Xiaomi RedMi Note 3 as well.

There are 2 ways you can achieve this.


Head to Settings ->Additional Settings ->Battery ->System Animations

RedMi Note System Animation

Tap on hide system animations.

Toggle the system animation off. You will receive a notifications to restart your phone, tap yes and you are good to go.



Head to:

Settings ->Additional Settings ->Developer Options

There are 3 settings that you must change.

Theses are Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale.

You can either turn these off or set their speeds to 0.5x to get a nice speed boost.


Customize Notification Light

I am a big fan of notification lights. Its a pity that all phones do not support customizing them fully.

Luckily MIUI has now an option to customize your notification lights.

Go to Settings -> Additional Settings ->Notification Light to see the options

RedMi Note Notification Light

Here you will see all the different options for choosing different colors for different notifications. The MIUI offers 7 different colors to choose from. That’s pretty awesome.

RedMi Note Notification Light

RedMi Note Notification Light



Well these were pretty good Redmi Note 3 Tips and Tricks that we shared. Now its your time to share.

Which of these tips did you like? Or do you have any more tips to add, let me know in the comments.

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    There are number of useful fingerprint sensor features incorporated into MIUI 7, including the ability to lock apps, access hidden folders, and even take a front or rear camera selfie using just your fingerprint.

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